If you’re looking to sell your property but want to ensure you get the best possible valuation, you’re definitely not alone. Between December 2019 and December 2020, over 619,000 residential properties were sold, the government previously declared on gov.uk.

In order to achieve an excellent valuation, you’ll want to consider the following factors. Neglecting them can have far-reaching consequences, so even if you think they do not immediately apply to you, knowing what your buyer is looking for can be invaluable knowledge.

  1. Kitchen & bathrooms

When a buyer is researching a property, the first factors they will often look for are the number of bathrooms and the quality of the kitchen.

Whether the bathrooms are en-suite, how they are spaced out around the property, and how many there are will be taken into account, so it is important to be prepared. If you are looking to improve the valuation of your property, consider adding an extra bathroom if necessary, or turning an existing bathroom into an ensuite. Even a simple change can make all the difference.

As for the kitchen, ensure that appliances are modern, and the room has a bright, airy quality. As plenty of time is spent in the kitchen, you’ll want to make sure that it gives a great first impression. Even if the kitchen is not going to be furnished, making sure there is plenty of space and good access to adjoining rooms is a definite plus.

  1. Presentability and maintenance

One of the first tasks to undertake when preparing a property for valuation is ensuring it is properly cleaned. This extends to more than just removing clutter and taking out the rubbish, however. 

Make sure to keep a keen eye out for any potential signs of mould, mildew, or dampness. Often these can be indications of a much larger humidity or ventilation issue. Addressing this in advance can help you save time and money. If you can see it, so too can the person providing the valuation.

Presentability also extends to the outside of the property. If there is a garden, is it properly maintained? First impressions matter. The interior of the house can be lovely, however an unkempt exterior can leave a bitter taste in the mouth of your buyer.

  1. What is your properties’ unique selling point?

As the seller of a property, you want to capitalise on anything that can give you the edge, and increase its value. Consider what makes your property truly stand out.

Is it the open-plan design? The modern interior? Perhaps the traditional, historic furnishing? No matter what it is, large or small, it’s likely that your property has something truly special to offer. 

If you can find a way to highlight your properties’ unique selling point and make it the focal point, you’ll be on your way to achieving a better valuation for your property in no time.